Est 2019


Khimyra was founded in 2019, based in New York. Our purpose is to help address supply chain and manufacturing gaps in the United States, using clothing as a medium. We are not looking to be a traditional company but want to help redefine what a business can be and and have a broader positive impact.

Our operations have a strong emphasis on sustainabiity, fairness and transparency, over making a profit. We pride ourselves on material quality, design, and great service.

For you, our customers, we strive to deliver high quality clothing that is consistent, affordable and accessible. Our items are competitively priced so you are getting great value for your money. All 100% of these profits are funneled back into expanding our product line and investing into our principle goals.

When you buy a product from Khimyra, you are not only getting great products but also contirbuting to our larger mission. We hope to send you items soon!