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What is my size?

Sizing can be tricky but here are some general guidelines. Our products are designed with all body types in mind.
Start with basic sizes such as small, medium, large, etc. - if you know your size generally, chances are our sizes will fit you as well! On top of this, almost all our products also have reference images for your chest, waist, length, etc. which can further help you identify your size
If you still need help, reach out to us with the contact form here: Link to Contact

What is the status of my order?

We know you can't wait to receive your items! We process all shipments in under 24 hours (if not sooner) so you can get your product as quickly as possible!

For your status, there are 2 emails that go out after you place your order:

  1. A confirmation email your order has been received
  2. A Shipping tracker email indicating your item has been processed and shipped.

Timing from can be found with the tracker link, and the amount of time will depend on the shipping option you selected and where you live!

Can I return my items?

Short answer is yes!
We have a full satisfaction and refund policy here at Khimyra. If you have any issues with the product you received at all, you can request a refund - no questions asked!
Just return the item to us within 30 days of receipt. As long as the item is intact, we will issue a full refund to you!

Do you ship globally?

Yes we do! We ship to almost all locations & countries, as long as its covered by a major provider (ie. USPS, UPS)
Once you are done selecting your items and input your shipping address, the system will automatically calculate the cost & confirm feasibility.

An item is out of stock, when will it be available?

Some items do occasionally sell out quicker than others, although we do have programs and trackers on the backend to help us keep as many items in stock as possible!
If there is an item you are looking for that is out of stock, it typically will be replenished in ~6-8 weeks for most products, but it also depends on when you are looking at the item and how recently it went out
If there is a specific item you are interested in, you can Contact Us Here and we can give you specific info!

What if I have more questions?

We would love to hear from you and will answer any/all questions you might have!
You can reach out to use directly here using our contact form: Link to Contact Form